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Congregation At Prayer

St. Paul urges us to "pray without ceasing" (1Thess 5:17). And the Psalms give us a daily rhythm of prayers "evening, morning, and noon" (Ps 55:17). Our Lord both commands us to pray (2nd Commandment) and promises to hear us (Ps 6:9; Ps 65:2). But the reality is that we struggle to pray. We're either too busy, too lazy, or we just don't know how. The Congregation at Prayer is here to help at least with that last part.

Here's how to use the Congregation at Prayer:

  1. Pick a time and a place where you can form the habit of prayer, whether two minutes or two hours. It's best to be consistent here.

  2. Whether alone or with your family, follow the order of service on the one side of the page, filling in the gaps with what's found on the other side (Psalm, Hymn, Scripture, Catechism, Collect). You can make it as full or minimal as you like. Start small. Be consistent.

  3. If you're not comfortable singing, at least read and meditate on the words of the hymn. For this you'll need a hymnal. If you're daring, try looking the hymn up on YouTube and learn to sing along with it.

  4. If you're just starting, or if you're doing this with young children, just use the learn-by-heart scripture verse (rather than the lengthy daily readings). The goal is habit formation, not to be overwhelmed. Remember: repetition is the mother of all learning. If you're ready for more, then go get your Bible and enter the Church's daily lectionary (that's where those daily readings come from).

  5. Finally, the next Sunday's readings are available so that you can begin to look ahead and prepare yourself for the Lord's Day.

I pray that you find this resource a helpful guide. If you've already got a rhythm and structure to your daily prayers, great—keep doing that! If you're looking for something stable, planned out according to the lectionary, and tied to the Church's hymnal, then you might give this a try. Most importantly, remember that prayer is your opportunity to enter a conversation that God is already having with you. He loves you and desires to hear your prayer, always giving you more than you could ask or deserve.

Here are some other resources to encourage your daily prayer:

Yours in Christ our life,
Pastor Geoff Boyle

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Note: these documents are in Word Format (.doc). You will need WordPad or other similar program to view the files.

Title Date
17th Sunday after Pentecost2013-09-15
The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity2021-9-5
Lent I2012-2-26
Last Sunday2013-11-24
6th Sunday after Epiphany2012-2-12
Pentecost Sunday2021-5-23
Easter Sunday2021-4-4
Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost2015-09-13
The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity2021-8-22
First Sunday in Advent2014-11-30
Eleventh Sunday after Trinity2020-08-23
Seventh Sunday of Easter - Exaudi2020-05-24
2nd Sunday after Pentecost2013-06-02
Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord2020-04-12
18th Sunday after Pentecost2011-10-16
Second Sunday after Christmas2015-01-04
Twentieth Sunday after Trinity2020-10-25
17th Sunday after Pentecost2012-9-23
The Tenth Sunday after Trinity2021-8-8
Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity2020-09-27
Third Sunday in Advent2019-12-15
Advent 12011-11-27
Lent II2012-3-4
18th Sunday after Pentecost2012-9-30
Christmas I2013-12-29
Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Trinity2019-11-10
Lent III2012-3-11
Lent 32021-3-7
First Sunday in Advent2020-11-29
Lent V2012-3-25
Pentecost 212013-10-13
15th Sunday after Pentecost2012-9-9
The Eighth Sunday after Trinity-Feast of St. James2021-7-25
Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost2015-09-20
Transfiguration of Our Lord2014-03-02
Second Sunday in Advent2019-12-8
Baptism of Our Lord2015-01-12
Baptism of Our Lord2020-1-12
The Fifth Sunday after Trinity2021-7-4
Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost2015-11-15
The Ninth Sunday after Trinity2021-8-1
Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity2020-09-20
Fourth Sunday of Easter2021-4-25
3rd Sunday after Pentecost2013-06-09
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost2016-6-26
Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity2019-10-27
Festival of the Holy Trinity2020-06-07
Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost2015-10-18
Seventh Sunday after Trinity2020-07-26
Third Sunday in Advent2020-12-13
The Third Sunday after Trinity2021-6-20
Last Sunday of the Church Year2019-11-24
16th Sunday after Pentecost2011-10-2
Lent 22021-2-28
Confession of St. Peter2015-01-18
Advent 32011-12-11
Eighth Sunday after Pentecost2016-7-10
Sixth Sunday of Easter2021-5-9
Trinity Sunday2021-5-30
Fourth Sunday in Lent2015-03-15
19th Sunday after Pentecost2014-10-19
Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity2019-10-13
Feast of All Saints2020-11-1
Second Sunday after Christmas2016-1-3
19th Sunday after Pentecost2011-10-23
Eleventh Sunday after Trinity2019-9-01
22nd Sunday after Pentecost2011-11-13
Sixth Sunday after Trinity2020-07-19
Seventh Sunday of Easter2016-5-8
Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity2020-10-11
All Saints2011-11-6
Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity (Feast of St. Luke)2020-10-18
Second Sunday after Epiphany2016-1-17
Third Sunday in Advent2015-12-13
Fourth Sunday in Advent2019-12-22
18th Sunday after Pentecost2014-10-12
6th Sunday after Pentecost2013-06-30
The Fifth Sunday in Lent2020-03-29
Palm Sunday2020-04-05
The Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord2021-1-10
Festival of St. Titus2014-01-26
Eighth Sunday after Trinity2020-08-02
Third Sunday in Lent2015-03-08
Fourth Sunday in Advent2020-12-20
Fourth Sunday in Advent2014-12-21
16th Sunday after Pentecost2012-9-16
Sunday of the Passion2015-03-29
5th Sunday after Pentecost2013-06-23
Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity2020-10-4
4th Sunday after Epiphany2012-1-29
Second Sunday after Epiphany2014-01-19
Advent 22013-12-08
St. Michael and All Angels2011-9-25
Advent 32013-12-15
First Sunday after Christmas2019-12-29
Festival of the Holy Trinity2016-5-22
Twelfth Sunday after Trinity2020-08-30
2nd Sunday after Epiphany2012-1-15
Seventh Sunday of Easter2021-5-16
Third Sunday after Pentecost2016-6-5
Second Sunday in Lent2015-03-01
Sixth Sunday of Easter - Rogate2020-05-17
Seventh Sunday after Epiphany2014-02-23
Second Sunday of Easter2016-4-3
Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity2019-10-6
13th Sunday after Pentecost2011-9-11
Lent II2014-03-16
Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity2020-09-06
Third Sunday after Epiphany2016-1-24
Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord-2016-2-7
Fourth Sunday of Easter2014-05-11
Pentecost 262013-11-17
Feast of the Purification of Mary and the Presentation of Our Lord2014-02-02
7th Sunday after Pentecost2013-07-07
Third Sunday of Easter2021-4-18
Conversion of St. Paul2015-01-25
Pentecost 202013-10-06
The Fourth Sunday after Trinity2021-6-27
Advent 42011-12-18
Festival of St. John2020-12-27
Ninth Sunday after Trinity2020-08-09
All Saints Day2015-11-01
The First Sunday after Trinity2021-6-6
Feast of All Saints2019-11-3
Twenty-Sixth Sunday after Trinity2020-11-15
Easter 62013-05-06
The Second Sunday in Lent2020-03-08
Fourth Sunday in Advent2015-12-20
Advent 22011-12-4
Lent V2014-04-06
Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord2015-02-15
Feast of Holy Innocents - Christmas 12014-12-28
Second Sunday in Advent2015-12-6
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost2015-10-04
Tenth Sunday after Pentecost2016-7-24
Fifth Sunday in Lent2016-3-13
Holy Trinity2013-05-26
Last Sunday of the Church Year2020-11-22
Second Sunday in Advent2020-12-6
The Sixth Sunday after Trinity2021-7-11
Resurrection of Our Lord2014-04-20
11th Sunday after Pentecost2013-08-04
First Sunday after Epiphany2016-1-10
Christmas 12012-1-1
First Sunday in Lent2016-2-14
The Feast of St. 2021-8-15
Feast of All Saints2013-11-03
Palm Sunday2016-3-20
Pentecost 222013-10-20
Eighth Sunday after Trinity2019-8-11
18th Sunday after Pentecost2013-09-22
Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity2019-9-15
The Feast of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist2021-8-29
All Saints Day2015-11-1
3rd Sunday after Epiphany2012-1-22
Third Sunday of Easter2014-05-4
The Second Sunday after Trinity2021-6-13
Easter Sunday2016-3-27
Fourth Sunday of Easter2016-4-17
Second Sunday after Epiphany2020-1-19
Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity2020-09-13
Second Sunday of Easter2021-4-11
Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost2015-11-8
Advent 42013-12-22
14th Sunday after Pentecost2011-9-18
Second Sunday in Lent2016-2-21
The Feast of Pentecost2016-5-15
Lent III2014-03-23
Lent 12021-2-21
Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Trinity2020-11-08
4th Sunday after Pentecost2013-06-16
Reformation Sunday2014-10-26
Baptism of our Lord2012-1-8
Fourth Sunday in Lent2016-3-6
5th Sunday after Epiphany2012-2-5
The First Sunday in Lent2020-03-01
Twelfth Sunday after Trinity2019-9-08
Lent I2014-03-09
Lent IV2012-3-18
Baptism of Our Lord2014-01-12
Feast of All Saints2014-11-02
Transfiguration of Our Lord2020-02-02
Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost2015-10-11
Fourth Sunday of Easter - Jubilate2020-05-03
Advent 12013-12-01
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost-12016-6-12
The Fourth Sunday in Lent2020-03-22
First Sunday in the Church Year2015-11-29
First Sunday After Christmas2015-12-27
Twenty-Sixth Sunday after Trinity2019-11-17
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost2016-7-17
Second Sunday after Trinity2020-06-21
Sixth Sunday of Easter2016-5-1
23rd Sunday after Pentecost2014-11-16
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost2016-6-19
Tenth Sunday after Trinity2019-8-25
First Sunday in Advent2019-12-01
Third Sunday in Lent2016-2-28
Fifth Sunday in Lent2015-03-22
5th Sunday after Epiphany2015-02-08
Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity2019-10-20
Second Sunday of Easter2014-04-27
Ninth Sunday after Trinity2019-8-18
Christmas II2014-01-05
Palm Sunday2014-04-13
Palm Sunday2021-3-28
Last Sunday after Pentecost2011-11-20
Second Sunday after Pentecost2016-5-29
Last Sunday in the Church Year2015-11-22
17th Sunday after Pentecost2011-10-9
Fifth Sunday of Easter2021-5-2
Fourth Sunday after Epiphany2015-02-01
Fifth Sunday of Easter2016-4-24
Feast of Pentecost2020-05-31
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany2014-02-09
Feast of St. Luke2020-10-18
The Third Sunday in Lent2020-03-15
First Sunday after Trinity2020-06-14
Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost2015-10-25
Second Sunday in Advent2014-12-7
First Sunday in Lent2015-02-22
Third Sunday after Epiphany2020-01-26
Pentecost 252013-11-10
The Seventh Sunday after Trinity2021-7-18
Third Sunday after Trinity2020-06-28
Tenth Sunday after Trinity2020-08-16
Second Sunday after Christmas2020-01-05