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Grace Lutheran Church Food Pantry

The Food Pantry was begun over 20 years ago by a couple of Grace Church members using funds provided through the church budget and contributions from other sources. It was begun to provide food to an area around the church, for those in need at Grace and families recommended for food by other Lutheran churches. On an average we provide 30-35 families with food each month.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applicants must bring something to verify their current address such as a mailing that they received within the past 30 days. An application form is filled out the first visit and eligible applicants receive a red card that denotes the date they received food and a date to return. Each time applicant returns they must bring a piece of mail sent to them to verify they live at that address

HOURS OF OPERATION: Every Tuesday 9:00-11:00 a.m.

North to Lincoln
South to 31st (Include mobile home park at 3232 S. Clifton)
East to Woodlawn
West to Hydraulic

FREQUENCY OF VISITS: Families are given food once every three months

AMOUNT OF FOOD PROVIDED: Families receive three grocery bags which include laundry soap, bar soap, toilet paper and various food items. Each family is offered flour, sugar, margarine as well as other staples not included in the three sacks if they want these. It is estimated that each set-up of groceries a family receives cost $45-$50 to provide.